TGS 2005: Shutokou Battle Impressions

We check out a brief trailer for Genki's upcoming Xbox 360 street racer.


A large portion of Microsoft's Xbox 360 stand at this year's Tokyo Game Show is taken up by a theater with a 360-inch screen showing trailers for upcoming Xbox 360 games. One of the most impressive of those trailers, particularly if it's representative of what the gameplay will look like, is for Genki's next Shutokou Battle racing game.

The trailer starts out in a garage, where two great-looking customized cars have their hoods propped up to afford us a good look at their detailed engines. The camera then cuts to an impressive view of Tokyo at night, where the same two cars seen earlier are obviously getting ready to race each other. Both cars are tricked out with more neon lights than a '50s diner, and at one point we even got to see a bunch of neon-lit woofers and amplifiers in a trunk.

There's not a whole lot else we can say about the trailer at this point, except that it featured a couple of hot-looking female characters who will no doubt appear in cutscenes between races, and that the game left us hungry for more. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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