TGS 2002: Hands-onIkaruga

The GameCube version of Treasure's shooter was on display at the Tokyo Game Show.


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The GameCube version of Ikaruga was tucked away in a portion of Konami's booth at the Tokyo Game Show. For the most part, the game looks identical to the Dreamcast version of the game, though it looked a little less sharp in some areas, which could be attributed to the type of TV it was running on. The GameCube version features a few extras not found in the Dreamcast version of the game, including a few new modes (that weren't selectable) and analog stick support. The analog support should come in handy on the GameCube, considering that the relatively small size of the GameCube controller's D-pad would make it somewhat difficult to make the precise movements required throughout the game.

Otherwise, the gameplay remains the same. You have to switch between light and dark colors in order to absorb enemy attacks and charge the missile meter located to the left of the screen. In addition, you can inflict more damage on enemies that are the opposite color. We'll have more on the GameCube version as it becomes available.

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