TGS 20007 Blades Hands-On

Konami's PlayStation 2 sword fighting action game appears to be heavy on FMV, light on gameplay.


Konami's 7 Blades for the PlayStation 2 is, in many ways, your basic action game. You, as one of two characters, must get from the beginning of a level to its end point, designated on your on-screen radar. Standing in your way are various swordsmen, gun-toting ninjas, and man-eating zombies.

You are given a choice between two characters. The male character wields a large sword and is very quick and agile, the female character is armed with pistols, shotguns, rifles, and a crank-activated gattling gun. Both characters can lock-on to enemies, this puts the characters in their combat stance slowing down the pace of game a bit. Both of the characters in 7 Blades control very well, offering multiple attacks, easy access to inventory, and Tomb Raider styled jumping and climbing action.

The version of the game shown at the Tokyo Game Show contained a few levels, most of them extremely short and surrounded by loads of clean-looking pre-rendered FMV sequences. 7 Blades is hitting the Japanese market this year, and it will make the trip to the US in 2001.

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