Tenet Box Office Is Nearing $150 Million Worldwide After Strong Start In The US

Christopher Nolan's new film still needs to make a lot more money to break even, though.


Christopher Nolan's new movie Tenet continues to perform well at the box office worldwide, despite issues surrounding the global pandemic and theatres remaining closed.

The time-bending action movie has now made $146 million worldwide following its debut in the US and China, according to Entertainment Weekly. The film opened in other parts of the world at the end of August where it made $53 million from 41 markets before its US debut.

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In the US specifically, Tenet has made $20.2 million thus far over the Labor Day weekend through Sunday, but Monday is a public holiday in the US so results should improve. In China, Tenet made $30 million, according to Deadline.

Some of the other top international markets for Tenet include the UK ($13.1 million), France ($10.7 million), Germany ($8.7 million), and Korea ($8.2 million). Also of note is that Tenet set a new record on IMAX screens. Its $11.1 million worldwide on IMAX screens represents a new all-time high in September.

Many US theatres and theatre chains have re-opened, but huge US markets like Los Angeles and New York are still shut which is impacting box office results. And of course, even with cinemas reopening, people may feel less interested to head to a crowded theatre these days.

According to EW, Tenet had a budget of as much as $225 million (before marketing), and it's reported that the movie may need to earn $400 million worldwide just to break even. Tenet is likely to stay in theatres for longer than normal, and when it does leave, it will be released on digital platforms and sold to licensors like airlines and such that will bring in more money.

Tenet stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh in a mind-bending story involving espionage and lots of action. For lots more on the film, you can check out GameSpot's Tenet review and hear from the cast about their favorite video games in the story below.

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