Ten Years Later, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Gets Major Update

Sith Lords gets a major update, as the RPG also launches today for Mac and Linux.


More than a decade after its release in 2004, Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords continues to expand to new platforms and add fresh features. The Obsidian-developed role-playing game launched on Tuesday for Mac and Linux, with a major update for the existing PC edition also launching today.

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New features available now for Knights of the Old Republic II include:

  • Steam Workshop support
  • Achievements
  • Controller support
  • Native widescreen resolution support
  • Support for up to 5K monitors
  • Steam Cloud saves

Developers also say they worked with the team behind The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod to make that mod available to players. The fan-made mod includes a host of bug fixes, as well as content that Obsidian developed but didn't make it into the game upon its initial release in December 2004.

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The Mac and Linux versions of Knights of the Old Republic II were developed by Aspyr Media, which is one of the biggest Mac port developers out there. The company most recently worked on the Mac version of Civilization: Beyond Earth, and is also developing a Mac edition of the upcoming Rising Tide expansion.

To celebrate its release for new platforms and the big update, Knights of the Old Republic II has been marked down to $7.50 on Steam through July 28. It's also available now on the App Store

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