TEN Launches Version 1.2

The online gaming service lowers prices, implements new features, to make friends and keep them connected.


Yesterday the Total Entertainment Network (TEN) launched a new version of its online gaming service in conjunction with implementing new rates. TEN recently announced it was lowering its monthly fee for unlimited gameplay from $29.95 to $19.95. It also reduced its VIP Club rate, three months for the price of two, from $59.90 to $39.90. However, its hourly rate plan remains the same - $9.95 per month, which includes five hours of play and is contingent on accessing TEN through the Internet Service Provider Concentric Network.

According to TEN spokesperson Garth Chouteau, by lowering its subscription rates, TEN will attract more gamers. "Although we have over 30,000 subscribers, we believe that our new pricing fee is the magic number to grow our business." He added that TEN remains committed to the subscription model.

The biggest change TEN users will see with v1.2 is the addition of a comprehensive communications infrastructure that gives gamers the ability to page other players and send email. Also, players can determine who can join their games create based on several criteria, including a player's connection speed and even their attitude. Players can now block specific players from joining a game or sending correspondence to them by using the "Muzzle" feature.

This version also integrates more web browser features into the service. Instead of having to read information about the games and tournaments in tiny windows, players can now get the latest news and game information from web pages within the service and simply toggle back to the arenas to play games.

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