Tell Me Why Is Free So Players Can Support Trans And Queer Communities Directly

Developer Dontnod hopes players will use the money they may have spent on Tell Me Why to instead directly support trans and queer communities directly.


Episodic adventure game Tell Me Why is free on Xbox platforms, Windows 10, and Steam for the entire month of June to celebrate Pride Month, and developer Dontnod has a few recommendations on where players can instead spend the money they may have spent on Dontnod's game to more directly help transgender and queer communities.

In a blog post, the developers made clear their reasons for making Tell Me Why free.

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"Our intention in making Tell Me Why free for June 2021 is both to allow even more people to access the game and to encourage our players to spend their money in places that will directly affect trans and queer communities," the post reads.

The developers go on to list a number of ways players can support LGBTQIA+ communities, ranging from donating to a charity, giving aid to a trans or queer person in need directly, or financially supporting games and interactive fiction from trans or queer creators, such as Happy Ray Games' Ikenfell. Dontnod points out that even for those who can't support with money, they can still be an advocate for trans and queer rights by promoting works by trans and queer creators and by learning about contributions made by LGBTQIA+ people throughout world history.

One of Tell Me Why's main characters, Tyler Ronan, is trans, and is voiced by trans voice actor August Black. The game was the first major title to feature a main, playable trans character. Dontnod worked closely with the LGBTQIA+ media group GLAAD to ensure the depiction of the game's trans and queer characters were respectful and and authentic.

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