Tekken 5: DR alive and kicking on PS3

Namco Bandai fighting game arrives today on PlayStation Store alongside firmware update.


Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection missed the announced February release window for its PS3 debut, but it looks like the game won't have missed it by much. Sony Computer Entertainment announced that Dark Resurrection would be made available for download from the PlayStation store sometime today, with an asking price of $19.99.

Based on the arcade and PlayStation Portable editions that preceded it, Dark Resurrection for the PS3 includes a few new features of its own. Namco Bandai has said the game has been "optimized for the HD era" with 1080p visuals and the chance to take control of Jinpachi Mishima, the game's previously unplayable final boss.

Joining Dark Resurrection on the PS3's slate of downloadable offerings today is a behind-the-scenes look at MotorStorm, a trailer for the upcoming Nancy Drew film, and a new firmware update. PS3 owners can now download firmware version 1.54, which adds new features for video chatting.

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