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Heads up, football fans: Tecmo Bowl is due for a return to the gridiron.


Tecmo Bowl Throwback
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TOKYO--Here's a teaser for you, sports fans: Tecmo Bowl is coming back, and not as a port. That's the admittedly thrilling news coming from Tecmo's Tokyo press event; unfortunately, that's about all the news we know about the game at this point. Tecmo's John Inada gave the briefest of presentations during today's press conference showing a funny, if all too short, video teaser for the game that unfortunately included no footage or hard details about it. Still, it was amusing.

Evoking the memories of the old Tecmo Bowl series, the video showed a mullet-wigged football fan (complete with Guns 'N' Roses T-shirt) grabbing a few sodas, popping some popcorn, and hitting the couch to--what else?--play Tecmo Bowl. From there, we saw the familiar Tecmo Bowl logo.

The announcement of such a legendary title brings up far more questions than we have answers for at this point, but here's what we know: Tecmo has not given any word on which platform(s) this game will be released on, but has emphatically stated that this will not be a port of the older games. To this point, Tecmo general manager John Inada gave the slightest of clues to the assembled crowd of press--saying that the game was "not going to be on the platform that you're thinking of right now." So, how's that for a hint?

Of course, there's tons more that we want to know about Tecmo Bowl--namely, how the team behind the game will be dealing with the lack of an NFL license (which currently belongs to EA), as well as mechanics, graphics, multiplayer, and so much more. At this point, though, we'd just be happy to see a screenshot, and we hope to get a better idea of the game in the coming months.

Tecmo Bowl is currently slated for release in 2008 and we'll be keeping a close eye on this game's progress.

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