Team Fortress 2 Two Cities update features new weapon effects and maps

Two-day update brings a pair of new maps on the first day.

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Valve's latest update for free-to-play shooter Team Fortress 2 will include cosmetic weapon and character effects.

The update will be rolled out over two days, with the first day bringing two new maps: Mann vs. Machine map Manhattan and control point map Snakewater. Valve stresses that Snakewater is not a city, however, "because this is the Two Cities Update and we're announcing a second city tomorrow. So for the record, Snakewater is more of a mill town than a city."

The robot adversaries in Mannhattan are able to advance their spawning points and introduce their own bombs into the map, making it distinct from all the other Mann vs. Machine maps currently in the game.

"The loot you'll get from completing a Tour of Duty will work a bit differently for the Two Cities Tour. Completing a Two Cities Tour automatically grants you a Killstreak Kit, which you can apply to any weapon to transform it into a Killstreak weapon. Completing the Tour also grants you a fabricator and spare parts that you can use to craft progressively rarer Killstreak Kits, which will add cool visual effects to your weapon and eventually even your character."

"Finishing a Two Cities Tour might even get you one of the most exceedingly, some might say preposterously rare items in the game: the Australium weapon," adds Valve.

The update will also bring the option for teams to cash-in a full refund on money spent in a Mann vs. Machine round, alongside more detailed stats and new Steam Achievements.

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