TDK does 100GB capacity Blu-ray disc

The PlayStation 3's storage format widens its capacity edge over Toshiba's HD-DVD.


According to a Macworld report today, TDK Interactive has developed a new Blu-ray disc that can hold twice as much information and record at twice the speed of existing dual-layer Blu-ray discs. The previous record was around 54GB.

Macworld explains that the 100GB Blu-ray discs are made using four layers, with each layer on a Blu-ray disc capable of storing 25GB. Although the four-layer process has not yet been standardized by the Blu-ray Association, it gives Sony's Blu-ray Disc format an edge over Toshiba's rival HD-DVD format, which so far has topped out with a three-layer 45GB disc.

Last month, it seemed that a rumored compromise would end the war between the two formats vying to be the next industry standard for disc-based media storage, but both Sony and Toshiba put an end to those rumors a little over a week ago. Blu-ray is backed by Sony, and it will be the media for games on the PlayStation 3.

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