Tales Of Arise Launches In September, Adds Xbox Series X|S And PS5 Versions

Tales Of Arise announced it release date with a new trailer that shows off almost eight minutes of gameplay.


Tales Of Arise, the latest title in the long-running Tales Of RPG series from publisher Bandai Namco, will officially launch on September 10 this year. To celebrate the new release date, Bandai Namco revealed new gameplay and character trailers featuring the two main protagonists Alphen and Shionne as they explore the planet of Dahna.

Unlike previous Tales of Games, Arise seems to favor a more action-orientated direction that's similar to Monster Hunter: World. In a recent Famitsu interview that was translated by Gematsu, Arise's producer Yusuke Tomizawa explained that the faster combat resulted in "speedy battles where you can see through the enemy's attacks and follow up with a counterattack."

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Characters will have their own Boost Attack that functions as a support action and can be performed as many times as you like in battle if certain conditions are met. Boost strikes are used to finish off enemies and will change depending on the combination of characters.

When the danger becomes too much there'll be a handy dodge-roll to make use of, which also allows players to attack while evading enemies. On top of all that, there'll be difficulty settings and an auto functionality present for players who'd prefer to focus more on the story than the action.

Tales of Arise will launch on PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will include a free upgrade to the next-gen versions within the same console family tree, which feature two graphical modes that either priorities performance at up to 60 frames per second or graphics with a 4K resolution.

Tales of Arise was originally meant to launch last year, but the challenges resulted in Bandai Namco delaying the game as its employees shifted to a work-from-home system.

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