Tactics Ogre PSP clings to February 15 release

Square Enix dates handheld remake of seminal strategy role-playing game; preorders to get themed tarot card deck featuring artwork of Akihiko Yoshida.


When Tactics Ogre made its North American debut on the PlayStation in 1998, it lost the "Let Us Cling Together" subtitle from the original Japanese release. For the upcoming PSP remake of the game, Square Enix is restoring the subtitle. In keeping with the theme, the publisher today announced that the game will launch right around Valentine's Day, on February 15.

Pick a card, any card.
Pick a card, any card.

Square Enix also revealed a new incentive for gamers to preorder Tactics Ogre. Those who commit to a purchase from GameStop or Amazon in the United States or Canada will receive a deck of Tactics Ogre tarot cards (pictured) featuring artwork from the game's character designer, Akihiko Yoshida.

More than a straightforward port, Tactics Ogre is a remake featuring extra subplots, new and redesigned characters, and added gameplay mechanics that allow players to turn back time, either to change the story's direction by revisiting key plot points or to replay critical points of individual battles for a better outcome.

For more on Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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