SWAT: Global Strike Team gold

Sierra's squad-based shooter infiltrates factories, due in stores in early November.


SWAT: Global Strike Team, Sierra's first-person tactical shooter, went gold today. However, the Argonaut Games-developed title will no longer ship on October 28 as scheduled; instead it will infiltrate stores in early November.

SWAT: GST is a squad-based, first-person tactical shooter a la CounterStrike about--you guessed it--a group of heavily armed police. As former Delta Force-commando Mathias Kincaid, players command two other SWAT officers--a sniper and a technical specialist--as they take down criminals and terrorists using an assortment of weapons and equipment.

In single-player mode, gamers issue orders to their subordinates via a headset using voice recognition software or via the directional pad. The game also supports multiplayer and online play where gamers can former their own Global Strike teams.

SWAT: Global Strike Team is the first game in Sierra's SWAT franchise made for consoles. Available for PS2 and Xbox, it is equipped with a 'M' for Mature rating and packs a retail price of $49.99.

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