Superman Returns in 2006

EA Tiburon set to develop Man of Steel's movie-based games for current-gen systems, Xbox 360.


DC Comics's iconic embodiment of the American dream has historically had only two weaknesses: kryptonite and video games. While both tend to cripple the Man of Steel and render him as unimpressive as a kitten, Electronic Arts announced at Microsoft's X05 conference in Amsterdam today that it is aiming to rectify one of these problems. Next summer will see the release of EA's Superman Returns: The Video Game, due out on current-generation platforms and the Xbox 360 to coincide with the big blue boy scout's theatrical rebirth from Warner Bros. Pictures. Electronic Arts has put the project in the hands of EA Tiburon, the development studio behind the nigh-invulnerable Madden NFL franchise.

"We are creating a game that allows players to experience a real sense of flying, and master Superman's unrivaled super hero powers in order to save Metropolis," said EA Tiburon vice president and studio manager Steven Chiang. "Only Superman can meet challenges of this scale."

Developed in conjunction with Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Comics, the game will not only draw from the events of the Superman Returns movie, but will also incorporate storylines from the character's extensive comic book mythos.

"EA is capturing the rich mythology of Superman and the visual excitement of our latest film to build a uniquely thrilling videogame for our fans," said DC president and publisher Paul Levitz. "We are all working together to bring players as much of the Superman experience as possible."

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