Super Street Fighter IV confirmed for spring

Stand-alone follow-up for Capcom fighter to feature "about eight" new and returning characters, more ultra combos, enhanced online play.


Street Fighter IV is ready for round two. When Capcom's flagship fighting franchise returned from relative dormancy earlier this year, it was critically lauded for faithfully recapturing much of what made its predecessors great. Capcom today announced it will be keeping to another of the series' traditions, the stand-alone revamp.

T. Hawk spikes El Fuerte's head like a football.
T. Hawk spikes El Fuerte's head like a football.

Where Street Fighter II had its Champion Edition and Street Fighter III received its 2nd Impact, Street Fighter IV will be succeeded by Super Street Fighter IV in spring of 2010. Capcom told GameSpot the stand-alone game will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a handful of additions, including "about eight" returning or newly created characters, new ultra combos for the original Street Fighter IV cast, enhanced online play, balancing tweaks, and more.

Capcom also revealed two of the additions to the roster, T. Hawk and Juri. T. Hawk debuted in the arcades with Super Street Fighter II and is one of only two characters in that game (Dee Jay being the other) not already included in the console and PC versions of Street Fighter IV.

Juri is about to give M. Bison (Vega in Japan) a good old-fashioned boot to the head.
Juri is about to give M. Bison (Vega in Japan) a good old-fashioned boot to the head.

The other confirmed character, Juri, will be the first Korean world warrior in the series, and uses an array of tae kwon do kicks to batter opponents into unconsciousness.

As a stand-alone game, Super Street Fighter IV won't be compatible online with its predecessor. However, Capcom has said that the game won't be a full-priced game, and the publisher plans to offer a special bonus to gamers who already own Street Fighter IV.

For more on Super Street Fighter IV, check out GameSpot's first impressions.

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