Super Street Fighter IV confirmed for spring

Stand-alone follow-up for Capcom fighter to feature "about eight" new and returning characters, more ultra combos, enhanced online play.


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Street Fighter IV is ready for round two. When Capcom's flagship fighting franchise returned from relative dormancy earlier this year, it was critically lauded for faithfully recapturing much of what made its predecessors great. Capcom today announced it will be keeping to another of the series' traditions, the stand-alone revamp.

T. Hawk spikes El Fuerte's head like a football.
T. Hawk spikes El Fuerte's head like a football.

Where Street Fighter II had its Champion Edition and Street Fighter III received its 2nd Impact, Street Fighter IV will be succeeded by Super Street Fighter IV in spring of 2010. Capcom told GameSpot the stand-alone game will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a handful of additions, including "about eight" returning or newly created characters, new ultra combos for the original Street Fighter IV cast, enhanced online play, balancing tweaks, and more.

Capcom also revealed two of the additions to the roster, T. Hawk and Juri. T. Hawk debuted in the arcades with Super Street Fighter II and is one of only two characters in that game (Dee Jay being the other) not already included in the console and PC versions of Street Fighter IV.

Juri is about to give M. Bison (Vega in Japan) a good old-fashioned boot to the head.
Juri is about to give M. Bison (Vega in Japan) a good old-fashioned boot to the head.

The other confirmed character, Juri, will be the first Korean world warrior in the series, and uses an array of tae kwon do kicks to batter opponents into unconsciousness.

As a stand-alone game, Super Street Fighter IV won't be compatible online with its predecessor. However, Capcom has said that the game won't be a full-priced game, and the publisher plans to offer a special bonus to gamers who already own Street Fighter IV.

For more on Super Street Fighter IV, check out GameSpot's first impressions.

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Avatar image for hxcpride

so whats the surprise for the ppl who already own SF IV?? heard theres a surprise when you get SSFIV

Avatar image for Edricane

Wow this is pretty lame, I know there was about 100000 versions of the games, but this is next gen. You seriously just couldn't make it DLC? Very annoying no matter what people say, I'm still going to buy it ofcourse. ;\

Avatar image for Great_Ragnarok

Hopefully this will come to the PC as well.

Avatar image for Big_Dre_D

People need to stop whining about paying for a new version. In the 90's a new Street Fighter 2 came out every 6 months and my brother and I bought them all. As far as them making it availble as DLC they said they couldn't do it because the changes they wanted to make were to extensive for the current game code. Shelling out 30 dollars new version is nothing major especailly considering the preorders at Gamestop were you can pay on it whenever you want. Anyway its going to be a great game and I hope some of these whiners get it so I can own them online.

Avatar image for freeuser1

Testing posting comments 6500

Avatar image for DesertClawX2X

To be honest, everyone should have seen this coming. I mean, SFII has had 8 versions, while Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 have seen 5 revisions between the two. This is Capcom, people. That being said, the rampant criticism is a bit early. Aside from the "roughly eight" new characters (which only 3 of which have been revealed; apparently, fan feedback will factor into who else makes the cut) character rebalancing, online tweaking, and some unspecified bonus for the owners of the original SFIV, we don't know what else we're exactly getting (bonus rounds, anyone?). While we know that this revision isn't full-priced (which is a bit unexpected coming from Capcom), we should weigh the price against the package. If it ends up not being your cup of tea, move on.

Avatar image for Willceace

Releasing a new game to justify a couple of characters may have been allowed to slide in the SNES > PS1 era. But not now. When DLC can be so easily implemented. I bet they'll bundle some DLC together for super street fighter 4 too. 250 mp for a change of colour on T.Hawks costume etc. Good old CRAPcom or was it CapCON?

Avatar image for Paul_GameFury

Is it just me, or is this saying to everyone that bought SF4 when it came out 3 months ago, "Suckers!" If you wait, you a better version of the same game at a lower price.

Avatar image for Crabs4sale

It's going to suck just like the original. Hur hur, thumb me down for expressing my opinion.

Avatar image for KittyHeart

it is good that thye will update sf4, and also good that it wont be full priced. good decisions by capcom

Avatar image for dwd_27

cool this is like halo odst

Avatar image for Cetanu07

ummmmm why cant this just be a patch and some dlc???

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

Wow, I was just about to break down and get SF4 sometime soon after messing around with it at an anime convention recently, and then I read this. So I guess since I waited this long, just might as well wait till spring and pick up this version. Not a problem, I'll have plenty of games to tide me over till then...

Avatar image for bubnux

Too soon, but I'll still get it. Should be a DLC though.

Avatar image for The_Punisher1

@MeTaLGeaR_X No I don't live in japan but I don't want the game to die there....I want SSFIV to be a competitive game....and BTW I go to the arcades alot and play the original SFIV...and the arcades is the best play to become good not on a laggy game of XBL or PSN arcade community>online community

Avatar image for tony382

Very creative with the title. I'm not getting this, I'm still having fun with SF IV.

Avatar image for zaiwen

its to be expected that SSFIV will bring in T.Hawk & Deejay, & if Juni's here, then all or at the very least most of the remaining characters from the Alpha series will mark their debut here.. in addition to the that if ever SSFIV "3rd strike, LMAO" arrives, hope they introduce characters from the EX series

Avatar image for metalkid9

Capcom needs to make this game more fair, what about the people who suck at it? Whenever I go online I get raped by ppl. Even if I win one match I will lose my points right away cuz I get owned :(

Avatar image for coolguy681

Its basically like a DLC because its 40 bucks.

Avatar image for MeTaLGeaR_X

@The_Punisher1 Do you really care if there's an arcade version? Do you live in Japan?

Avatar image for Puscifer_No1


Avatar image for Never3ndingLife

this game seems like it is gonna be the bomb

Avatar image for Bookerjj2000

People forget that a large cummunity do not play this game online so it shouldn't be a DLC because alot of ppl would miss out. Plus, Sony and Microsoft have a file size limit on what can be on consider for DLC. This update will be too big for DLC, unless you want them to make minor updates, instead of major update yall been clamoring for. This update is for the fans of the game, if you love the game you will buy it and love it, if you didn't like SF4 or it was so-so to you, then this game is obviously not for you. Go play blazblue, tekken, or some other fighting game those are good, just SF4 is not your cup of tea, so move on and shut up.

Avatar image for The_Punisher1

NOOOOO!!!! They say there won't be arcade release screw the exclusive for X360 ans should be on Arcades, 360 and PS3

Avatar image for nini200

This should stay Exclusive to 360 and PS3 and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom or the new Capcom Vs series should stay Exclusive to the Wii.

Avatar image for The_Punisher1

Oh and also wouldn't it be hard to bring your digitallylocked to your console DLC to ur friend's house to play with him?...hmmmm

Avatar image for The_Punisher1

Everyone that is complaning about it not being DLC....did you guys read what they're gonna put in this game?!....unless you want a 5gb DLC than it's better if it's on a new disc Oh and btw it's not just some minor tweaks I mean, 8-10 new Characters, new stages, new story (1 year after SFIV), new cutscenes, new moves, rebalanced gameplay, NEW ONLINE!!! with lobbies and stuff and maybe even new modes that haven't been announced yet.....DLC yeah right

Avatar image for edubuccaneer

@dark-warmachine: Pretty sure of them is Dudley, from all I´ve been reading around. I like the additions to the roster so far, T-Hawk is pretty charismatic in the new video, much more than he ever was before.

Avatar image for FinalDuo1886

Basically like everyone is saying that "It's no excuse anymore", too not have this as a dlc. Back in old day it was, now it not. It just another cheap way to get more money this way. At least if they bring Alex back, they'll make it worth my while.

Avatar image for dark-warmachine

Here's hoping one of the 8 character is Dudley.

Avatar image for dark-warmachine

I'm gonna pick this up but it better be at a reasonable price. $20-30

Avatar image for Henninger

@ bat75 Im sorry but Tekken doesnt have anything on Street Fighter. Personally i hate Tekken, but it has a respectable following. But Street Fighter is king & dont 4get that.

Avatar image for GOR_TAK

Really Capcom? A whole other disc has to be released at an inflated (non-dlc) price point? Back in the 90s you guys got a pass because there was no other way to release updated rosters and tweaks but now you're being greedy jerks. Like you didn't have all this "extra" content finished and ready when you released SF4.

Avatar image for izmickey

although i love ST4 i would only be willing to pay $20 for this game which is only 8 new characters and some tweaks with some new supers.

Avatar image for Synthz

Anyone keen for a game of Hyper Super Street Fighter IV Turbo X10 plus Alpha: The new Tweaks?

Avatar image for rockutd


Avatar image for driubi

unacceptable. In the 90s you could make a case for all the iterations of the same game because there was no digital distribution, and the series was still finding a balance. Its been 20 years now, and streetfighter still suffers from major balancing issues, and after releasing the still unbalanced sf4, which many people paid 60 dollars for, they are releasing a standalone PATCH, to fix the balancing issues, and new characters. I'm all for charging 10-20 bucks for new characters for the existing game, as that would keep the online community from being split - but the patch should be free. Players bought sf4 with the expectations that it would be a balanced fighting game - it wasn't.

Avatar image for bowlingotter

I don't have SF4 yet so this might be enough to get me to pick it up, especially after hearing that it won't be full-priced. But still... I know it's a "tradition" in the Street Fighter franchise, but haven't we moved beyond this? Isn't this the sort of thing that DLC was designed to make obsolete?

Avatar image for keith577500

i thought no body liked t-hawk and deejay? buy oh well im looking forward to the 8 new characters

Avatar image for ElJay2010

@shankygreat Yeah it has sold 1.38 million on the ps3 and 1.24 million on 360 making it 2.62 million total.

Avatar image for soulessblade

To be expected really, there shouldn't be any surprises. In this age of digital distribution though it would have been nice to be able to purchase this as premium content as opposed to stand-alone.

Avatar image for Darkmoone1

Better be 30$!!

Avatar image for joynul

its all good but i already got sf4 and all those other people interested probably have aswell. seeing that i picked it up or 20 pounds i doubt the super version will be cheaper than that so why should i buy it and waste more money.

Avatar image for chocolate1325

I wonder if any new online modes will be aloud like being able to record replays of matches. Also I hope the Single player is a bit longer. It took me long to beat Street Fighter 2 than 4.

Avatar image for BloodMist

Thank god it won't be full priced.20 bucks, tops.10 sounds more reasonable even.

Avatar image for jamesh-42

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for jamesh-42

My guess is that publishers are finding that DLC doesn't sell well. Just look at all the games being re-released with DLC rolled in. Even if they did release the changes as for-pay DLC, it would split the user base. It might work if the new version could disable the extra moves when playing with someone who owns the old version, but then you're likely to get owners of the new version wanting a way to ensure that they get matched against someone else with the new version. That would essentially lead to the same outcome with owners of the old game getting cut off.

Avatar image for Draaagoon

Its not compatible with the other SF4? It will not be a full priced game? Enhanced online play, balancing tweaks, and more? Why Capcom, can you not just do all the above in a patch and DLC? So everyone can play against each other with the new characters? If its not a full price game then this is not greedy, just plain stupid. A special bonus would be some money off the new game when you trade in the old.

Avatar image for buckwa_inc

get real capcom, this junk should of been provided as dlc....your now just showing everyone that your nothing but greedy scum

Avatar image for Donutta

I think this has a chance to hurt Capcom, I really do. A lot of people were (perhaps naively) under the impression that Capcom were above this by now. Now we know they're not, a lot of us can only assume that this isn't going to be the last update of Street Fighter IV. Why buy this one then? I don't expect the sales of this game to be as strong as those of Street Fighter IV.