Super NES Lives!

Betting that the 16-bit market isn't dead yet, Nintendo releases a streamlined SNES, with a bunch of new games for the holidays.


While the war this holiday season will be waged on the 32-bit and 64-bit system front, there's still room for budget gaming. Finding a system and games for cheap is going to be easier than ever since many retailers are instituting discounts on 16-bit hardware and software, making it easier than ever to get into video games on the ground floor.

Nintendo, realizing that there's still a market for 16-bit hardware, is now re-releasing its Super NES in a more streamlined package for the holidays. This "new" system is smaller than the original, and missing a few of the things its older, bulkier brother had. Gone are the RF output and the eject buttons; moved to the left side are the power and reset buttons.

Players hoping for that slight chance of an SNES CD-ROM can now put it to rest. The new system does not sport the expansion slot that the original version had at the bottom. For those doubters who always held a candle for the add-on, it is now most certainly DEAD.

Also immediately noticeable is that the system is super light - weighing not more than the heaviest N64 cartridge. Talk about amazing! Gone is the Super Nintendo logo from the controller, now replaced with a generic embossed Nintendo logo.

The new Super NES will cost you about US$99.95, and comes packaged with Yoshi's Island. Quite a good deal for those who missed out on the first round of Super NES stuff or for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to the new systems.

For the interested, here's what will be landing on store shelves shortly, SNES-wise, from Nintendo:

Arkanoid: Doh it Again - November 3, 1997Space Invaders - November 3, 1997F-Zero (re-release) - November 3, 1997Kirby's Dreamland 3 - November 17, 1997

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