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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Shows Off Joker Skating On A Rocket-Powered Umbrella

Sunset Jokerdrive.


Rocksteady has revealed the first look at the Joker in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Detailing the post-launch plans for the action shooter, developer Rocksteady showed off Mista J as a new playable character. He will be available to unlock in Season 1 of the game, which will take place in March.

If you've played the Batman Arkham series, then you might be wondering--spoilers for a 9 year old game forthcoming--how is the Joker alive. And, well , looking like a teenage version of the character. The answer is Elseworlds, which are stories that occur in alternate realities and deviate from the established continuity of DC's comics.

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According to Rocksteady, this new Joker used to be part of the Suicide Squad in the Elseworld he comes from. "I think we've taken him back to the kind of more vaudeville roots of Joker," Rocksteady's advanced scriptwriter Kate Watson says in the trailer. "He's masking insecurities with traditional Joker behavior. But deep down, he's not sure who he is yet."

To traverse this path of self-discovery, this depiction of the character has him skateboarding. On a rocket-powered umbrella, that is. It's unknown whether he stole the idea from The Penguin, but in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the device serves as a way to glide mid-air, jump off the ground to escape from attacks, and also skateboard your way through levels ha-ha at enemies with guns and melee attacks.

Season 1 of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be free for those who own the game, as well as all post-launch updates. Alongside Joker, you can expect outfits, multiplayer features like leaderboards, and two "story episodes" themed on a DC villain. According to Rocksteady, the in-game content will not be locked behind a battle pass, and the in-game shop will be for cosmetics only.

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