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Street Fighter 5's PS4 Beta at Least Partially Back Online [Update]

Some users are having luck getting back into the troubled beta.


Update 2: We have confirmed internally that it's possible to get into matches with other players. GameSpot editors in both San Francisco and London have been able to play games without too much trouble.

Update: Capcom has shared a statement with GameSpot which reads identically to the message displayed to beta testers who get online. "We are currently running an internal stress test on the SFV servers, which will help us get the first official public beta program re-launched as quickly as possible," it says. "We appreciate your continued patience and we'll share more information on the timing of the official beta tests soon."

It didn't clarify if there was a mix-up that resulted in members of the public being able to play. We're trying to find out more and will report back with any additional details we receive.

Original Story: Street Fighter V's highly anticipated PS4-only beta had to be taken offline early last month after serious technical issues prevented most users from being able to play. The beta is now at least partially back online, though there's no telling how long it'll last.

Capcom hasn't officially announced that the beta is back online, though numerous NeoGAF members are reporting that they're having success playing, and one of us at GameSpot is able to square off against the computer. Only four characters are available; the two that were to be added partway through the beta aren't currently playable.

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We've followed up with Capcom to find out if it intended to bring the beta back this weekend and, if so, how long it will be online. It looks as if this may be an internal stress test, based on a message displayed when the beta first connects. If that's the case, it's unclear why people outside of Capcom and Sony have been able to get in.

The beta originally began on July 23 and was scheduled to end on July 28. When problems repeatedly forced the servers offline, Capcom announced it would extend the duration of the test. It ultimately postponed the beta indefinitely, vowing to offer "a better experience for you with the future betas."

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Street Fighter V was intended to have three beta tests prior to its launch next year. Last month's was to be the first, but given the issues, Capcom isn't counting it as one of the three. Assuming its plans for future betas remain the same, we'll be seeing one for PC and PS4 later this year, and another at some point after that.

Although it might not look it, Street Fighter V offers more of a gameplay reinvention than you might expect. Additionally, its business model is much different--you'll only ever need one disc, with future gameplay DLC being free if you earn enough in-game currency.

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