Street Fighter 5 Beta Extended as Servers Taken Down Again

The beta's server issues have continued all weekend.


Servers for the beleaguered Street Fighter V beta will be down again today, but Capcom plans to make up for the ongoing issues by extending the test beyond its originally scheduled end date.

Capcom announced on Twitter this morning that the beta will be unavailable today, July 26. This is due to its servers being down for maintenance, which was also the case overnight.

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Fans have struggled to get into the beta since its launch on July 23. As soon as it went live, the beta began experiencing problems that have lasted throughout the weekend. Capcom has repeatedly reset and taken its servers on- and offline, as documented in a post on Capcom's forums.

The beta was scheduled to end this Tuesday, July 28, but that is no longer the case. The official Street Fighter Twitter account has posted a message which reads, "For those wondering, we will be extending the beta period to make up for the issues we've been experiencing."

There's not yet any word on how much additional time players will be given once the problems have been resolved. Keep in mind, with the game not due out until next year, this is a real beta. Capcom is hoping to test out its new currency system and matchmaking algorithm, so it has reason to want the beta to continue beyond making fans happy.

This PS4-only beta is to be followed by a PC and PS4 beta later this year, and then a third test after that.

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