Street Fighter 5's New "Work" Costume DLC Includes Firefighters And Cheerleaders

Chun-Li, R. Mika, and Alex all get to play dress-up next week.


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Capcom has revealed even more DLC for Street Fighter V with a new line of work-themed costumes for three characters.

With this DLC, Alex puts on a firefighter outfit, R. Mika dresses up like a cheerleader, and Chun-Li wears business attire. You can check out all three, along with concept art for each, in the gallery below.

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These costumes don't come cheap: they'll be priced at $4/€4 each when they're released on April 25. They join the previously announced school costumes for Juri, Chun-Li, and Ryu, all of which carry the same price.

Also arriving on April 25 alongside those six costumes is the revived Thailand stage. It, too, is priced at $4/€4, though you'll alternatively have the option of spending 70,000 Fight Money to acquire it.

More substantial updates were expected later this month in the form of balance changes and a new DLC character. Those were recently delayed, as Capcom plans to host a second beta test for its revamped Capcom Fighters Network. Both the balance tweaks and new character are tied to that update and can't be released until it's ready for launch. They are currently without an official release date.

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