Streamers Had To Mute Fortnite's Galactus Event Because Of AC/DC

Epic gave streamers a warning a few hours ahead of the event, and it turns out it was due to the use of AC/DC's "Demon Fire."


Twitch streamers hoping to get in on the Fortnite excitement on December 1 faced an unexpected hurdle. Epic Games announced that it had no way of preventing clips from today's Galactus event from getting flagged by Twitch's copyright detection systems, and it turns out it was due to the use of an AC/DC song. This led to streamers such as DrLupo temporarily cutting the game's audio in order to avoid encountering any issues. For anyone who wanted the full experience--sound and all--they would have to play the game themselves.

"For Twitch Creators streaming the Galactus event: Due to a lack of solutions similar to Lickd, we cannot prevent your VOD/clip content from getting flagged by the platform's copyright detection systems," a tweet from Epic Games read ahead of the event. "The general recommendation is to either mute your VoDs or turn off VODs/clips entirely to protect yourselves against any kind of claims or strikes as best as possible."

Hypex, a notable Fortnite leaker, said in advance that the copyright issues would only come from a small segment of the event, and that proved to be true. "Fun-Fact for streamers: Not the whole event is copyrighted music, just a 20-30 seconds part, and its gonna be so obvious to notice," they tweeted. "So I suggest you to prepare some hotkey to mute the game audio in OBS!"

As part of players' assault on Galactus, a song from AC/DC's new album was played during a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron-esque flying sequence. The song, "Demon Fire," premiered as part of the album that was released in mid-November. It was a brief portion of the overall event. After this event ended, the game was briefly unplayable. Season 5 started on December 2. It features bounties and Baby Yoda.

Copyright claims have become a major issue for Twitch streamers this year. Streamers have been receiving many DMCA notifications for playing recorded music in the background of their streams and have been forced to manually delete old clips that could possibly infringe on copyright. Cyberpunk 2077 is even including an option that gets rid of copyrighted music so you can stream without getting videos removed or streams shut down. Twitch apologized for its poor response to the issue last month.

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