Strategy First picking up Steam

Software publisher to make games available over Valve Software's digital distribution service beginning later this month with Dangerous Waters.


Once an outlet solely for the products of Valve Software, Steam is now branching out to include the works of other developers. Independent games like Rag Doll Kung Fu and Introversion's Darwinia have already tied themselves to the digital distribution service, and today Steam claimed its first software publisher partner in Strategy First.

Beginning with Dangerous Waters, Steam users will soon be able to download multiple "front line titles and new releases" from Strategy First. Emanuel Wall, product manager at Strategy First, said the agreement keeps with the company's history of embracing new technologies.

"Throughout the years, Strategy First has delivered great games from many developers while navigating the evolution of genres, technology, and distribution mechanisms--whether it’s moving from 2D to 3D, or from floppy to Steam," Wall said.

Earlier this year Strategy First began offering direct downloads of more than 20 of its games through its own Web site. Gamers could play the full version of games for three hours before being asked to purchase the game.

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