Rag Doll Kung Fu now playing

Lionhead designer's mouse-controlled martial arts game finally finished, selling through Steam for $14.95.


Originally created in spare time as a pet project for friends, Lionhead designer Mark Healey's independently developed martial arts melee game, Rag Doll Kung Fu, is finally finished and available through Valve Software's Steam service for $14.95.

Described by Healey as "a kung fu fight with string puppets in which you don't have to worry about getting the strings tangled up or even having a kung fu fight at all if you don't feel like it," Rag Doll Kung fu is the first wholly independent game to be digitally distributed through Steam.

It's also a unique side-scrolling 3D platformer in that it has absolutely no prescripted animations. All player movements are controlled using the mouse by clicking and dragging various limbs and using simple motions to walk characters around the screen, jump, kick, punch, head-butt, wield weapons, dance, and even pick up and throw (or eat) objects.

For more on Rag Doll Kung Fu, check out GameSpot's interview with Healey.

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