Strategy First copublishing Warrior Kings: Battles

Empire is partnering with Strategy First for the North American release of the fantasy real-time strategy game.


Warrior Kings

Strategy First has announced that it will copublish Warrior Kings: Battles with Empire Interactive in North America. The sequel to Warrior Kings is already out in Europe, and Empire said that it turned to Strategy First because of its reputation for releasing PC strategy games.

Warrior Kings: Battles is a sequel to Warrior Kings, Black Cactus' 3D fantasy real-time strategy game released in early 2002. The enemy AI is said to be one of the game's strong points, as computer-controlled generals will intelligently probe players' defenses to find weak points. The AI is also designed to play in a very humanlike manner in the diplomatic part of the game. There are three paths that players can take in developing their power base--that of the imperial church, that of the pagan gods, or that of Renaissance technology--and each one features different units and abilities.

Warrior Kings: Battles will be released in North America this fall. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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