Strangely, the latest Hitman game was inspired by Rich Kids of Instagram

Square Enix says one of the the inspiration's for Hitman Go was the popular tumblr page.

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In a new interview with Gamasutra, Square Enix Montreal developer Dan Lutz reveals that the recently released mobile game, Hitman Go, had three major inspirations. Two you might expect (architectural models and dioramas), but the third seems to come out of left field.

Lutz tells Gamasutra that Square Enix was also inspired by the Rich Kids of Instagram tumblr for Hitman Go. Rich Kids of Instagram is a collection of images of young adults flying on private jets while eating KFC and posing with their super-cars, among other things you and I cannot afford to do.

"It's kids with a lot of money taking pictures of their everyday lives, and there you see these hugely spaced-out mansions and giant yachts and there's just kind of a lot of empty space," Lutz said. "Hitman Go is kind of modeled after that."

Hitman Go launched earlier this month on iTunes, and you can download the game today for $5. It's coming to Android later. The game features rendered diorama-style set pieces on a grid. Players can access disguises, distractions, sniper rifles, as well as Agent 47's Silverballers as they navigate through the fixed-size boards to take out targets or infiltrate guarded locations.

If mobile games aren't your thing, Square Enix is also working on a AAA Hitman game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that has sandbox levels and no checkpoints.

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