Strafe's Special-Edition Soundtrack Looks Like A Giant Floppy Disk

The special-edition vinyl version of Strafe's OST is straight out of the '90s.


Strafe, a Doom- and Quake-inspired first-person shooter, launched this week on PS4 and PC, and its retro style looks fantastic. But the 90s inspiration goes beyond its gameplay. Even its special-edition vinyl soundtrack harkens back to the time of dial-up internet and NSYNC, as it comes packaged in a sleeve that looks like a giant floppy disk.

The OST is sold by Laced Records in extremely limited quantities--only 300 copies are available. The soundtrack is composed of two vinyls, it'll cost you $35 ($50 if you want a copy of the game), and it'll ship sometime in Q3 2017.

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The music was composed by ToyTree, who also made music for other games like Equinox and Kingdom: New Lands. A standard edition of the record is available for the same price but in larger quantities.

"These amazing looking disks defy logic, they are made of wax, yet they hold FIRE… HOT… JAMS," the description on the website states. "ToyTree hasn't been seen since the completion of the soundtrack and many theorize that he returned to hell after delivering this soundtrack. Some say he's made a deal with the Devil but others think he is the Devil. Caution: Breaking disks may free demons and/or begin an extinction event."

Strafe was developed by Pixel Titans and is available now for $20. In our 8/10 review, critic Michael Higham stated, "As unforgiving, repetitive, and frustrating as it can be, the urge to jump back into the game and take out that frustration on hordes of enemies to the tune of the most-proper soundtrack with a toy box of guns is hard to resist. Strafe wears its influences on its sleeve but stands on its own as a fun, intense, and fast-paced shooter with distinguishable charm."

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