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Stephen A. Smith Chooses His Starter Pokemon

TAke a look, y'all.


ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith decided to step away from commentary on the NBA season and other professional sports to talk about Pokemon. Why? Well, because a fan asked him on X (formerly known as Twitter) about his choice between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

The YouTube video from The Stephen A. Smith Show--seen below--gives the impression that Smith has never discussed Pokemon before. He has quite a unique enunciation for Bulbasaur and Charmander, for one, and he doesn't even know where the pocket monsters are from initially. However, that doesn't stop Smith from ultimately going with Charmander.

Smith chooses Charmander because "it reminds me of me because of the forehead." This transitions into a funny side-by-side comparison of Smith and the creature. "That's who I'm going to go with, okay," the host adds.

Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are the starter Pokemon for Pokemon Red and Blue, the first generation of the popular video game franchise. For those unfamiliar, players get to choose between the three before starting off on their adventure. Each new generation features a new unique trio. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet begin with trainers selecting between Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito.

For more, check out GameSpot's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review. In addition, The Pokemon Company has put out a statement about Palworld, which has similarities to the Pokemon franchise.

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