Steam Unveils Its Best-Selling And Most Popular PC Games Of 2017

New and old faces alike.


2018 is here, and so Valve is taking a look back at the year that was on Steam. Much as it did last January, it has revealed a list of the best-selling games on the platform, but it's also provided information on some new categories. While it doesn't provide any specific figures, it does give us a snapshot of what proved to be Steam's most popular games in 2017.

This starts with the list of 2017's top sellers, which is determined based on gross revenue earned during the calendar year. Valve provided a list of the top 100 games, which have been divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels (though the exact distinction between these is not explained). Most of the games to reach Platinum were older titles and included the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Grand Theft Auto V, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and Dota 2. There were some 2017 releases, too, including Divinity: Original Sin II and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the latter of which we know has proven to be phenomenally popular.

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In terms of players, Valve provided a list of the games with the most concurrent users (meaning those that were online and playing at the same time). PUBG, of course, leads the list, having recently eclipsed the 3 million mark. Eight others also topped the 100,000 mark during the year, including Dota 2, Counter-Strike: GO, Rainbow Six Siege, and Grand Theft Auto V.

Valve also shared a breakdown of new titles, offering a look at the top-grossing newly released games of each month. The number of games shown varies from month to month, and again, there's little insight into what allowed them to qualify. Some months have as many as 16, while June had just five, including Dirt 4, Tekken 7, and Cold Waters.

VR-only games got their own top sellers list (again based on revenue during the year and divided into four tiers). Job Simulator, Superhot VR, and Fallout 4 VR were among those to hit Platinum status. There's also a look at the top-grossing games that left early access in 2017, and while the expected ones like PUBG and Original Sin II show up, the Platinum tier also includes The Long Dark, Slime Rancher, and Ark: Survival Evolved, among others.

You can check out all of Steam's 2017 charts here.

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