Starfield Surpasses 230,000 Concurrent Players On Steam Alone

A lot of people spent 100 space bucks to get early access to Bethesda's new RPG.


Almost a quarter million people have suited up simultaneously and ventured into space with Starfield on Steam. The new RPG from Bethesda Game Studios--maker of Skyrim and Fallout 4--has already seen a peak concurrent players count of 234,502 on the PC client within a couple of hours of launching in the five-day early access period.

That means all of those Starfield players, charted by SteamDB, spent at least $100 to get early access to the space RPG on August 31. The Starfield Premium Edition and Constellation Edition (which costs $300) provide early access to the title on Steam, since Game Pass numbers aren't included there.

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The Starfield early access count is clearly higher when considering the Xbox Series X|S player base or PC users utilizing the Xbox app via Windows. It's also on these platforms that Game Pass subscribers can spend just $35 to unlock Starfield early. For comparison, Baldur's Gate 3 passed 800,000 concurrent players days after the RPG launched on PC. However, this is not yet an apples-to-apples comparison, both because of the Game Pass and Xbox releases as well as the current $100 asking price to play Starfield on Steam.

The regular launch time for Starfield is September 6 worldwide. Which, thanks to New Zealand, means players in the US can start their galactic journey at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET on September 5.

Starfield can actually be beaten in 12-15 hours, if you focused entirely on the main missions. But most people will probably find themselves spending around 45-70 hours in the RPG. For more on the title, check out GameSpot's Starfield review, in which Michael Higham calls it "a game more concerned with quantity than quality."

Be sure to also explore GameSpot's Starfield guides hub for any help.

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