StarDust wins Fragbite Masters

Sweeping Naniwa 3-0 in the grand finals makes the South Korean protoss the Fragbite Masters champion.


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The Dreamhack Summer 2013 champion StarDust won one of the last big tournaments of the year earlier today by trouncing the Swedish mega protoss Naniwa in the grand finals with a 3-0 sweep.

StarDust who truly came in to the public's view by winning the aforementioned Dreamhack Summer tournament by defeating Jaedong once again snubbed destiny on the nose as he performed an incredible performance against the heavily favored Swedish protoss. Tensions ran high on both ends of the spectrum, but whatever the case StarDust is the one who is going to walk away with an impressive first place finish and a total of 12.000 USD.

Photo Source: Brita Jonsson

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