Stardew Valley's 1.4 Update Is Live On Switch, PS4, And Xbox One

It's already available on PC, and


Stardew Valley has received a major update on consoles this week, with the 1.4 patch finally arriving for the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game. The PC version received update 1.4 on November 26, and has since received additional bug fix patches specific to that release. The patch's arrival was announced by developer ConcernedApe on Twitter.

Update 1.4, which was talked up a lot in the lead-up to its release, introduces a bevy of changes to the beloved farming game. There's a huge list of things that have changed, but there are some clear highlights. A new movie theater is unlocked near the end of the game, and there are new 14-heart events for every spouse, plus other events with the rest of the game's cast. There are also lots of new items and clothes to wear, plus a new co-op map, Four Corners. You can also add fish ponds to your farm now.

New mine content has been added too, including "a quarry mineshaft dungeon with new Haunted Skull and Sludge monsters." Perhaps the funniest change is that ex-spouses will no longer show up at your wedding, or treat you normally during festivals.

Literally hundreds of other changes have come to the console versions of the game now. These changes are expected to come to the mobile version of the game too; sadly, the PlayStation Vita version will not be receiving additional content.

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