StarCraft's Medic Coming to Heroes of the Storm, Can Fly Her Teammates Around

One of her heroics allows her to transport her team inside of a medivac dropship.


Blizzard today revealed yet another character coming to Heroes of the Storm, and this time it's the terran medic from StarCraft: Brood War and StarCraft II.

As you'd expect, the medic is a ranged support-class character. Heroes of the Storm director Dustin Browder gave a brief overview today during a Blizzard Gamescom stream, explaining that she has single-target healing and a shield to assist allies. She also has grenades that can be thrown at enemies. You can briefly see her in action at around the 52:07 mark of the video below.

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The medic also incorporates part of the medivac dropship unit from StarCraft II. One of her heroic abilities allows her to move around the battlefield--you summon the dropship and you and your allies can jump in and rapidly move to another location on the map. While traveling, the screen changes to look as if you're in the cockpit.

Browder talked about this being an extremely team-oriented ability; it has the potential to let teams do something on one end of a map and then jump to a boss without the other team having a chance to respond. The alternate heroic option wasn't detailed, but Browder seemed to suggest it would relate to healing or keeping your team alive.

"She's a very strong dedicated support character," Browder said. "We've heard from a lot of our players that need more supports, especially with the double-ban system we're using these days, and we think this will help round out our roster quite a bit."

Blizzard revealed several characters the week, including Diablo's first support, Kharazim the monk. There's also the first-ever ranged warrior, Warcraft's Rexxar, and a new StarCraft warrior, Artanis, whom we've yet to hear much about. Both Kharazim and the next map, the Diablo-themed Infernal Shrines, are said to be "coming soon," and could be live on public test realms as soon as Monday, August 10.

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