Starcraft Rumors Check Out

The little elves at Blizzard Entertainment are searing the shrink-wrap seals shut on the first batch of Starcraft boxes.


The Torrence, California, office of Starcraft publisher Blizzard Entertainment is a busy place today. The Starcraft team received a little over 600 of the precious Starcraft disks from its Utah duplication facility. As GameSpot News went to press on Monday, Blizzard said finishing touches were being put on the disks that had come back from the duplication facility that day.

In the best of all possible worlds, retail locations will see Starcraft boxes on Wednesday. But Blizzard is cautioning gamers to remain realistic: It's very likely that even if some retailers receive games on Wednesday, it will be a small number of locations. Gamers will want to call their local retailers before gassing up their cars or revving up their mountain bikes and heading out to the mall.

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