Starcraft Keeps 'Em Up All Night

Blizzard staffers pull a string of all-nighters as Starcraft aims for gold.


Something is keeping Blizzard staffers up at night - and it's not insomnia.

The culprit is Starcraft. Reports from the trenches paint a desperate picture indeed. This past weekend saw almost the entire Starcraft team camped out at the company's Irvine, Calif., office putting finishing touches on the title.

Sleeping bags, pizza boxes, and various other debris have made the Blizzard offices a minefield that only the truly devoted can brave. "Everyone has that much love for the game," said one Blizzard staffer nursing a weakened immune system (too much pizza maybe?).

Could the game go gold this week? "Let's hope so," was the cry heard over the phone - a cry gamers surely echo.

In related Blizzard news, here is a short video clip from Blizzard's upcoming adventure title Warcraft Adventures.

Blizzard has culled some of the upcoming game's cinemas and thrown in some good old promotional video as well.

This should generate interest for those waiting to see how Blizzard fares in its first attempt at an adventure title.

Orc on Wayne. Orc on Garth.

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