StarCraft II player Innovation to sign with Team Acer

Korean player Lee "INnoVation" Shin Hyung expected to join Team Acer on September 1.


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Professional Korean StarCraft player Lee "INnoVation" Shin Hyung, currently signed to Korean team STX Soul under the Korean eSports Association (KeSPA), is expected to join Team Acer on September 1 when his current contract runs out, sources close to the situation tell GameSpot.

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Team Acer, named after the multinational hardware and electronics company, has been teasing the announcement since the beginning of Blizzard's Season 2 World Championship Series Finals, stating the player would be officially announced by the end of the tournament. Acer thereafter released a new statement, stating it could not officially announce the signing yet due to issues with STX Soul.

"The player in question is still under contract with his old team until the end of August, a fact that was not entirely certain until today, so he will officially join Team Acer on the 1st of September," the statement read. "The team requested that we announce matters in this order, waiting until the official end of his contract before making public that he is joining our team."

In response to Acer's teases announcements, a representative from STX told, "There was contact [to Acer], but there was no progress in detail on the contract. It seems there was a personal contact to the player while he was in Germany. We were flustered by [Acer]'s article."

Barring any unforeseen problems arising from the announcement of an announcement, Lee will continue to join the team when his contract with STX Soul ends on September 1.

Secondary reports from Fomos indicating that STX may shut down its StarCraft team due to financial problems have yet to be confirmed. STX Soul defeated Woongjin Stars earlier this month to become the 2012-2013 SK Planet Proleague Season 1 Champions.

Lee is the champion of WCS Season 1, and runner-up of WCS Korea Season 2. He finished 9-16th in this past weekend’s WCS Season 2 Finals.

Lee's addition to Team Acer joins a cast that includes Canadian superstar Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn, and GSL Champion Mun "MMA" Seong Won.

Team Acer declined comment to GameSpot regarding the signing. Officials from KeSPA did not return comment by the time of this posting.

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