StarCraft II: HOTS patch adds color blind mode and new eSports features

Update to also add in new user interface tweaks.


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Blizzard Entertainment will release a new 2.0.10 update for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm this week that will add a new color blind mode and eSports features.

StarCraft II veterans can look forward to the new UI changes this week.
StarCraft II veterans can look forward to the new UI changes this week.

When color blind mode is enabled, alternate colors are used to designate player colors as well as show the build grid when the "Display Build Grid" message is enabled. The minimap terrain is also darkened to show more visual contrast between units and terrain.

Shoutcasters and competitive players have access to two Blizzard-designed user interfaces: Split 1v1 and Streamlined. The former moves player names, supply counts, and resource info to the top of the screen, while the latter displays resource info in the upper right corner on the screen and looks lightweight. The updated UI features two new zoom levels for players to get a better view at skirmishes. Blizzard has made improvements to the replay scrubbing option so that users can have an easier time to find key moments in a multiplayer match.

StarCraft II followers can check out the entire list of changes on Blizzard's announcement.

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