Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Will Be The Final Season

"Believe me, this show--by no means--represents an end to anything we're doing in animation."

Star Wars Celebration took place in Orlando, Florida over the weekend, and amidst the excitement around the Last Jedi trailer and cameos from past and present films, fans also suffered some bad news when they learned that Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels will be the final one.

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Towards the end of the Star Wars Rebels panel, creator Dave Filoni stood up and spoke with the attendees about the future of the show: "It is my decision, as the creator of this show, that Season 4 is the final season of Star Wars Rebels. I firmly believe that each generation needs to have their own piece of Star Wars. I feel like this show, for a lot of kids growing up with it, is as much a part of Star Wars as any of the movies, and I really appreciate that love from you guys.

"I feel, creatively, that I can make this story, about these characters the most meaningful that it can be by arcing it to where I need it to get to at the end of this season," continued Filoni. "So, I know that's tough. It's tough for me. But believe me, I can say I know what it's like when I don't get to end a series. [laughs] What happens when you don't end a series is you end up making t-shirts and you have to prolong, and it wasn't as fun. So believe me, this show--by no means--represents an end to anything we're doing in animation."

The show Filoni worked on that ended abruptly was Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which ended in 2014. Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels will air on Disney XD this fall.

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