Star Wars Episode 8 Title Was in Writer-Director's First Draft

"It was in the very first draft I wrote," Rian Johnson teases.


This year's Star Wars: Episode VIII has a title--but director Rian Johnson isn't ready to reveal it just yet.

He told USA Today that he's known the title of the movie since he started work on Episode VIII more than two years ago. "It was in the very first draft I wrote," he teased.

A scene from The Force Awakens
A scene from The Force Awakens

When will we learn it? "I'll just blurt it out right now!" he joked, before more seriously saying, "All in good time, my friend."

As announced by Leia actress Carrie Fisher in February 2016, Episode VIII's working title was "Space Bear." Fisher passed away in December 2016.

Lucasfilm gave The Force Awakens its official title in November 2014, which was 13 months before the film eventually came out in December 2015. Episode VIII, whatever it ends up being called, is scheduled to come to theaters on December 15, 2017, so fans have already waited longer to learn that movie's title. A major difference is that The Force Awakens was the first new entry in the series since 2005's Revenge of the Sith. By comparison, Episode VIII comes out just a year after Rogue One, so Disney has had to manage marketing for two huge movies that come out just a year apart.

In other Episode VIII news, Johnson has confirmed that the movie opens immediately after The Force Awakens, while he also teased that the bond between two major characters will be an important part of the film. Additionally, Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver has shared some insight into his character and how he's evolved for Episode VIII.

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