Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC Teased in New Video

Death Star expansion launches on September 20 for some.


[UPDATE] The full trailer is out now, while we've also learned Death Star will begin its rollout on September 20.

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Electronic Arts announced today that a new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star expansion will air tomorrow, September 16. You don't have to wait that long to see some new footage, however, as EA released a teaser on Twitter that provides of glimpse of what fans can expect.

The 20-second video shows some infantry-based combat, while Chewbacca's iconic growl can also be heard. Additionally, the video ends by showing Luke Skywalker and his team preparing to blow up the Death Star. Take a look:

Death Star comes with new maps, Star Cards, and weapons. Additionally, new heroes Chewbacca and Bossk will be added. There is also a cool-sounding mode called Battle Station that plays out across three phases. In the final one, players become Luke Skywalker and fly his Red-5 X-wing to take out the ship in a scene not unlike the one from A New Hope. This appears to be what's referenced in the teaser trailer.

A release date for Death Star has not been confirmed, though we know it's coming in September. The Battlefront Live Events Calendar says there will be a double XP event on the weekend of September 23-25 to celebrate Death Star's launch, so it should come out around then.

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Death Star is Battlefront's third expansion, following Outer Rim and Bespin. The fourth add-on, Rogue One: Scarif, which is based on this year's movie, is slated to launch this holiday.

In other news about Battlefront, the Bespin maps are now free for everyone to try for a limited time.

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