Star Trek: Shattered Universe announced for the PS2

Interplay reveals the first details on its Star Trek game for the Sony PlayStation 2.


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Interplay has officially announced Star Trek: Shattered Universe for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game takes place in the time soon after the conclusion of the Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country film, and it's set in a dark alternative universe to the classic Star Trek world. In the action-shooter game, players find themselves stranded in the alternate universe on the USS Excelsior, which is under the command of Captain Sulu.

Throughout their adventures in Star Trek: Shattered Universe, players will encounter an array of familiar alien factions, including the Klingons, the Romulans, the Vulcans, the Tholians, and the Gorn. Players will pilot a small single-person craft in order to engage swarms of enemy fighters and fleets of capital ships. The objective is to guard the Excelsior, recruit additional fighters through alliances and battle, and seek out valuable resources in order to safely return to the normal universe. Additionally, players will have ship upgrades such as a Romulan cloaking device at their disposal.

Star Trek: Shattered Universe is being developed by Starsphere Interactive and will be released for the Sony PlayStation 2 in Q4 2001. The game will be the final Star Trek title from Interplay, which recently lost the rights to the franchise.

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