Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Trailer Reveals Q's Return

Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard is coming to Paramount+ and the first trailer has arrived.


The first trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard has arrived, giving fans the early look at what to expect for the show's return to the Paramount+ streaming service in 2022. And for Star Trek: The Next Generation fans, it includes a very exciting reunion.

Kicking off the trailer is the return of Q (John de Lancie), a foil of Picard's from The Next Generation who also appeared on Star Trek: Voyager. "Oh captain, how I've missed you," he tells Picard (Patrick Stewart). "Welcome, my friend, to the very end of the road not taken.

The trailer then explains that time has been broken and it's up to Picard and his crew to fix it. "We can save the future," he says. "And I will get us home together."

The final reveal of the trailer sees the Borg Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) awaken in a bed. However, she quickly notices one massive change: the ocular implant that's been a trademark of the character since its inception is gone. What's more, there's what looks to be a variation of a Borg badge in her room. It should be pretty interesting to find out what all of that means.

Picard returns to Paramount+ in 2022.

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