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Star Citizen Now Selling $48,000 Bundle That Includes Every Ship

Get your wallets ready.


Cloud Imperium Games is selling a new DLC bundle for the spacefaring game Star Citizen that will set you back the cost of a fancy new real-life car. The Legatus 2953 bundle, as it's called, includes every ship in the game, along with a variety of extras. The cost? $48,000.

The bundle comes with more than 175 ships from every one of the game's many manufacturers, which the developer said should allow players to "forge a lasting legacy, leading humanity towards a brighter future." It includes weapons and cosmetics as well. Nearly all of the content is available now, except for the Karna Ascension rifle, which will be released sometime during Q1 2024 (January-March).

Cloud Imperium Games has sold these type of bundles since 2018. As PC Gamer reminds us, the first iteration of the bundle was priced at $27,000, and now it's scaled to almost double that. The site also reported that players need to have already spent $1,000 on Star Citizen to buy the Legatus 2953 bundle. That's because the premium offering is apparently only available to people in the Chairman's Club.

Star Citizen alpha 3.21, the newest version of the game, is available now on PC. The developer is releasing the game on an ongoing basis, with more features and functionality introduced over time. A standalone single-player game, Squadron 42, is also in development but doesn't have a release date yet. The game recently crossed a major development milestone, becoming feature-complete in October 2023.

Cloud Imperium Games has raised more than $650 million since 2012 in crowdfunding from fans. The developer's public funding page shows that people regularly contribute more than $100,000 daily.

The lengthy wait for Squadron 42 and the finished version of Star Citizen has upset some people. Cloud Imperium Games has said the huge amount of money from crowdfunding has led to an increase in scope and a lengthier development process than originally planned.

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