Star Citizen Devs Describe FPS Module, and It Sounds Amazing

Stowaways get sucked out into space.

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The development team that's working on space sim Star Citizen's first-person shooter module did a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday where they shared many details about the game.

The team is made up of around 30 people. They're aiming to release the FPS module early next year, and then continue updating it. Its mechanics will be integrated into the game's persistent universe, but like Star Citizen's Arena Commander, you'll also be able to play separate, multiplayer matches in team deathmatch, seek and destroy, capture and hold, and other modes.

The integration of the FPS gameplay with the persistent universe is the most interesting part. Take for example the following description from the team on how you might be able to use it to your advantage:

"I'm a stealthy, solo player. I find a wrecked ship, I know scavengers will be around soon. I find a crate and put myself in it. I let the scavengers take the crate and put me in their ship. When I'm on their ship, some time later, I get out of the crate. Very quietly, I rummage around and find some goodies I like. I steal those... now i can either - A) Jump out the airlock and call a ride or B) go to their engine room and self destruct their ship or C) quietly hunt and execute the entire staff and take their ship.... or Z) they could have scanned the crate properly before loading it, blasted it with their ship and me with it...."

Some other interesting tidbits that came out of the AMA:

  • The team says the FPS gameplay is inspired by "a mixture of Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, Arma, Delta Force, and Killzone."
  • If an airlock on a ship is breached, items and characters will get sucked out into space.
  • There will be a cover system that allows you to lean, peek, crouch and move in cover. There will be some destruction but it's not a key component (as most of the environments are solid metal).
  • You can damage specific limbs, and this will impact gameplay. The plan is to let players choose the dominant hand for their characters. If that hand is damaged, they won't be able to shoot or throw grenades as well. In the persistent universe, a limb can be "ruined" to the point that you'll have to replace it with an artificial one.

The crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen is now closing in on $59 million.

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