Star Chamber launches

Nayantara Studios announces the launch of its space-themed online collectible card game for the PC.


Charlottesville-based Nayantara Studios has today announced the launch of Star Chamber. The developer's first game, Star Chamber is an online collectible card and turn-based strategy game in which players assume control of different warring races in the Galactic Republic. Players can win the game in a variety of ways using politics and culture as well as conventional weapons.

"We've developed an exciting game engine and playing environment. With nine alien races, hundreds of cards, and three different ways to win, players have an incredible variety of strategic options. Achieving game balance was extremely important to us," said Paul Dennen, Star Chamber's designer. "One of the great things about Star Chamber is the community. It's a dynamic environment in which every type of player can have fun. Players can choose to play casually for free, buy cards to collect and trade, or even subscribe to a premium monthly service and compete in league tournaments."

For more information or to download Star Chamber, check out the game's official Web site.

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