Square Enix to hold Nier music concert

"SQ Party Level 2 Nier Night - Evening of Madness" event to be held on October 28, featuring Go-qualia and World's End Girlfriend from tribute album.


The Square Enix published and Cavia-developed action role-playing game Nier may have received subpar reviews, but the game's soundtrack was still considered a high point by many players. Square Enix has already recognized as much, releasing different arrangements of the game's music. Now the publisher is taking Nier's tunes on the road, announcing a musical concert in Japan to highlight the game's soundtrack.

Gamers in Japan can check out the sweet sounds of Nier live this October.
Gamers in Japan can check out the sweet sounds of Nier live this October.

According to the Twitter feed of the game's producer Yosuke Saito (who is currently producing Dragon Quest X), the concert is called the "SQ Party LEVEL 2 NIER Night - Evening of Madness" and will be held on October 28. Featured artists include Go-qualia and World's End Girlfriend, both of whom have performed on the recent Nier Tribute Album. Details on the venue and ticket pricing will be disclosed on the concert's website shortly.

In Nier, players take control of the eponymous protagonist as he fights to cure an apocalyptic plague and save his daughter. In addition to engaging in blood-soaked combat, players spend their time boosting Nier's armory, buffing his spells, and working with a shifting assortment of allies. The game's music was also nominated for Best Original Music in GameSpot's Best of 2010 feature.

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