Square Enix setting up shop in LA

Final Fantasy maker establishes California-based development team for "action-oriented original IP" on Xbox 360, possibly Wii.


Square Enix is well aware that the Japanese gaming market simply isn't what it used to be, and president Yoichi Wada has been pushing for some time now to expand the publisher's horizons. Part of that effort has been to lend increasing support to Microsoft's decidedly Western Xbox 360, with games like The Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery, and Final Fantasy XIII. Last week, Square Enix made good on its initiative to partner with Western game makers, signing on to publish Redmond, Washington-based Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander 2.

Beyond just teaming with Western devs, Square Enix also has a mind to set up shop in the US. As revealed by recent job listings, the publisher plans to flesh out its El Segundo, California, operations with a brand-new development team. "Square Enix is building a studio from the ground up," declared one listing. Previously, the office had been Square Enix's administrative hub in North America.

"We are making an action-oriented original IP game here in sunny Los Angeles," reads one job listing. "We are looking for motivated master programmers to lay the foundation for a solid development team." No details were revealed on the unnamed action title, but job listings indicate it will be created for the Xbox 360 and possibly the Wii. The publisher is also hiring for a product manager, associate product manager, 3D artist, QA tester, and QA translator at its LA office.

Square Enix had not responded to requests for further comment on the new development studio as of press time.

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