Spring TGS 2001: Takuyo introduces three Xbox titles

The developer behind Ring Age for the Dreamcast is hard at work on games for Xbox.


The Japanese software developer Takuyo, known for Dreamcast titles like Ring Age, has announced three games for the Xbox. Master Slave is an action RPG where players take the role of a character, Shishiro Clandart, who has lost his memory. The object of the game is to recover Shishiro's memory with the help of Iris, a character he meets in the woods. The battles involve using nine different elemental powers. Master Slave is expected for a winter release.

Magides Fight is an action game where players collect power material lying around the 3D fields to create magical progress. The magical progress is then thrown at enemies. There are several types of power material, and each has different properties. Magides Fight lets up four players play competitively and is scheduled for a fall release.

Runebrid, a simulation RPG based on swords and magic, was also announced. It is scheduled for release in the fall.

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