Splinter Cell ships for the PC

Ubi Soft announces the release of the PC version of its popular stealth game.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Ubi Soft announced today that Splinter Cell is now available for the PC. The PC version is intended as a direct conversion of the best-selling Xbox game, with some changes to take advantage of PC hardware.

However, a forum post by Dany Lepage, a programmer on the project, has revealed that the game will not work correctly if antialiasing is turned on to improve visual quality, and, as in the demo, lights will show through walls. Pointing to a problem in ATI's and Nvidia's drivers, Lepage said that the issue will not be fixed in the first patch, which is scheduled to coincide with the game's release, but may be addressed in a subsequent update.

For more details on Splinter Cell, check out our Xbox of the game.

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